Cynthia POON 潘子淇 — Wellsky Specialist and Consultant 

Cynthia is a Global NLP Trainer and Consultant ( NLPU ),  a Licensed Hypnotherapist ( ACHE ) in her own right upon receiving professional trainings from many renowned NLP and Hypnotherapy trainers, namely Robert Dilts, Judith Delozier and Stephen Gilligan, around the world since 2001.

She sets up Wellsky Wholistic Health Consultancy in the year of 2002.  She has worked with many Government Departments, Banking and Insurance companies, Tertiary Institutions with her expertise in NLP on Team Building, Self Management on achieving Wholistic Wellness, particularly in Communication Awareness and State Management.  She has also been invited to deliver a number of overseas lectures at Chonnam National University in Seoul, Korea and as a member of NLPRAI ( NLP Research and Academy International ), she has been invited as guest speaker to give presentations in International Conference in Japan, the Netherlands and Shanghai throughout the past 15 years.

She is also a developer, devoted trainer and consultant in the field.   She has participated also as a committee member for the SME Customer Services Liasion Committee of the HK Trade and Industry Department from 2011 to 2016.  Over the years, she has been making continuous contribution and a solid brand builder in the community on Wholistic Wellness.

  • Founder of Wellsky Wholistic Health Consultancy , since 2002
  • Corporate Wellness Specialist & Consultant
  • NLP Global Trainer ( NLPU ) since 2002
  • NLP Systemic Consultant 
  • Licensed Hypnotherapist ( ACHE ) since 2002
  • Committee Member, Customer Services Liaison Committee  (Trade and Industry Department) 2011 to 2016

She is providing training and coaching for individuals and corporates :

Life Clarity and Direction (生命定向與導航)

Communication Awareness (高效溝通)

NLP Generative Collaboration (NLP系統協作與整合)

Creation on State of Excellence (創建卓越狀態)

Wellness Management (整全健康諮商)

 For appointment and consultation, please feel free to contact us at 3705 2654.